The «Eltsovka Airlines» Closed Joint Stock Company was established on February 2, 2009 in Novosibirsk. The airline owes its name to the main home airfield – Novosibirsk – «Eltsovka», but the history and experience to the Chkalov Production Association (now known as the PLC ‘’Sukhoy Company”). As a structural subdivision of the construction aviation industry giant, «Eltsovka Airlines» was engaged in passenger and cargo transportation by airplanes that include: IL – 76, An-2, An-38, as well as by MI-8T helicopter, covering the territory of the Russian Federation, Malaysia, Vietnam and Mongolia.

In December 2008, the Board of Directors of the PLC “NAPO of V.P. Chkalov” decided to create a subsidiary. This is how the «Eltsovka Airlines» Closed Joint Stock Company, a company focused on the performance of the aerial work by the MI-8T helicopters, was born. All the main assets, infrastructure, management and personnel of the once structural unit were transferred to a new company. As before, Eltsovka’s helicopters accompany Chkalov’s test flights, provide search and rescue operations, and transport cargo to the areas of Western Siberia and Altai Territory.

The year 2010 becomes fateful to the «Eltsovka Airlines»! The same Board of Directors of the PLC “NAPO of V.P. Chkalov” makes a decision to incorporate shares and sell the helicopter company. The new owners are professional pilots that successfully operate in the field of aviation and fuel supply. The «Eltsovka Airlines» opens new horizons!