The «Eltsovka Airlines» Closed Joint Stock Company was established on February 2, 2009 on the basis of the structural division of PLC “NAPO of V.P. Chkalov”. The company has developed from a small regional carrier into a flourishing airline. Today, «Eltsovka Airlines» is a successful representative of the Russian helicopter market providing a wide range of services.

The geography of the service provision of the «Eltsovka Airlines» is wide. While these include the already traditional routes of which there are – Tomsk Region, Novosibirsk Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Altai Territory, there are also relatively new ones which combine the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Disctrict, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region and the Komi Republic. The farthest among the included regions is the Kamchatka.

Currently, the wing of the airline holds 15 helicopters of the MI-8T modification, 9 newest MI-8MTV / AMT with medical modules. There are also light multi-purpose RobninsonR-44 and Eurocopter AS350 helicopters.

Professional approach, high quality of services, flight safety and the impeccable reputation allowed «Eltsovka Airlines» Closed Joint Stock Company to work with such great customers that include the Government of the Novosibirsk Region, the “Sukhoy Company”, the State Corporation of Air Traffic Organization, the Emergency Control Ministry (EMERCOM) of the Novosibirsk Region, Rosneft, Gazprom, Transneft and their subsidiaries.

As of now, «Eltsovka Airlines» firmly maintains financial independence, the status of the reliable provider of aviation services, the reputation of an exemplary taxpayer and remains an active participant in social projects.

In the future ahead, we are planning to further modernize and enlarge our aircraft fleet, increasing the volume of flight hours. Our goal is to expand the geography of flights with the prospect of entering the international market. As well as ensuring high level of flight safety and improving the skills of flight and technical personnel.

All of this provides the «Eltsovka Airlines» Closed Joint Stock with the perspective to look into the future and confidently enter the second decade!