2 апреля 2020

The new Mi-8AMT helicopter is based in Novosibirsk and will soon be deployed in the Tomsk region in the customers’ interests for transportation of shifts and cargo. 

The aircraft is fully equipped with modern equipment. The Mi-8AMT helicopter can carry up to 23 people and transport cargo on an external sling with weight of up to 4 tons. This is the seventh newest helicopter that the airline fleet has been replenished with.

The «Eltsovka Airlines» is actively expanding its fleet. At the moment, the airline has 15 MI-8T helicopters, 9 Mi-8AMT / MTV helicopters, as well as multi-purpose light-engine Eurocopter AS350 and Robinson R-44 helicopters. 

The «Eltsovka Airlines» will continue to grow and update its fleet, and expand its geography of flights.