19 июня 2020

AVIAMEDCENTER is a medical institution in Siberia with 90 years of experience.  It is one of the largest organizations for conducting a medical flight expert commission (VLEK) in the Russian Federation, which is the 4th largest on expert aviation personnel after Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The specialists of the AVIAMEDCENTER serve the aviation personnel of the Novosibirsk Region, Tomsk Region, Altai Territory, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Omsk Region, Tyumen Region, Krasnodar Territory and the Far Eastern Federal District. 

The uniqueness of the AVIAMEDCENTER and its main advantage is that the medical examination of the state of health is carried out at a high expert level.

The institution is equipped with modern and expert-class equipment for diagnostics, which allows you to get ready for VLEK quickly and efficiently. 

VLEK experts and specialists systematically improve their qualifications at the Department of Aerospace Medicine and in their main specialty.  

Within the framework of VLEK, a conference of specialist doctors is in place, and a decision is made collectively for each aviation specialist.

Today the employees of the AVIAMEDCENTER celebrate their professional holiday.  «Eltsovka Airlines» Closed Joint Stock Company Aviation Enterprise cordially congratulates the entire staff of the AVIAMEDCENTER on the Day of the Medical Worker. 

We wish you and your families good health, happiness and wellbeing!

May success and luck always accompany you in your noble activity, because one of the most precious things a person has is health!